Meet the Staff

Everyone who works at St. Marks CE Primary School is a valued member of staff
with an important part to play in our school environment.

Executive Headteacher: Mrs M Johnstone
Head of School: Mr L Nicholls
Assistant Headteacher(s): Mrs V Bradbury (Key Stage 2 Leader)
Inclusion Leader: Miss J Thomas
EYFS Leader: Mrs R Nicholls
Phase leader: Mrs S Goodwin (Phase Leader KS1)
Nursery Class Teacher in Charge: Mrs L Bradbury
Business Manager: Mrs L Bloore


Teaching staff
Reception: Mr M Holdcroft Mrs R Nicholls
Year 1: Miss J Healey Mrs L Edge
Year 2: Mrs S Goodwin Miss N Akhtar Mrs K Colclough
Year 3: Mrs L Burton Miss G Etherington
Year 4: Mrs M Wallace Miss R Curran Mrs V Bradbury
Year 5: Mr A Jarvis Mr M Jones
Year 6: Mrs C Koripilli Miss S Colby
Interventions: Miss R Curran
Support staff
Nursery: Mrs S Ahmed Miss W Lewis Mrs S Foster
Reception: Mrs D Khan Mrs M Baggeley Mrs S Shaw
Year 1: Miss K Hort Mr J Cooke
Year 2: Mrs S Khan Mrs H Wood
Year 3: Mrs R Khan Mrs N Razaq Miss S Akhtar Mrs P Hussain
Year 4: Mrs J Thorley Mrs T Davies Mrs R Hussain
Year 5: Mrs N Khan Mrs R Mehmood
Year 6: Miss S Akhtar Mrs F. Mehmood
PPA Cover:
Ms J Brown, Mrs N Razaq, Mrs S Webb
Inclusion Team:
Mrs W Turner, Mrs M Wright, Mrs S Fradley, Mrs J Elsby, Mrs L Smith, Mrs L Underwood, Mrs E Raeis Mohammed, Mrs C Rogers, Mrs I Doman-Ciucias, Miss A Lockley, Mr A Boulton
Office Staff: Mrs J Marsden, Mrs K Ball, Mrs A Jones, Mrs R Ainscough
Home School Link Worker: Mrs S Khan
Nursery Class Home School Link Worker: Mrs S Malik
Site Supervisor: Mr B Hall
Nursery Class Handyperson: Mr S Hughes
Lunch Time Supervisors: Mrs S Nicklin, Mrs L Callear, Mrs Q Begum,
Mrs N Begum, Mrs S Ali, Mrs S Akhter,
Mrs S Ditta, Miss N Jones
Catering Staff: Mrs J Clarke, Mrs Z Hussain, Mrs I Austin, Mrs F Begum, Mrs S Khan, Mrs S Hussain, Mrs L Branejsova, Mrs V Goodman
Cleaning staff: Mrs K Wilkinson, Mrs V Goodman, Mrs D Walker

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