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Seven Stars School Council Meeting

Tuesday 7th February 2017

The children arrived at Carmountside Primary Academy for a Seven Stars school council meeting. Once settled, the children took part in an ‘icebreaker’ activity to introduce themselves to the other members of the group.

The children from Carmountside Primary Academy took the Seven Stars representatives on a tour of their school, showing them parts of their school that they were really proud of.

The children then engaged in a book scrutiny. They were shown a success criteria for the elements that they should be looking for within the books. There was lots of discussion about always being positive about what they see. In their school groups, they looked at a selection of books from other schools and made notes using the success criteria. The quality of discussion that took place between the children was of a very high standard.

After lunch, the children engaged in a Mindfulness session. It gave the children a taste of the foundations needed to begin Mindfulness and meditation. The children all responded well to this and could explain how they felt during the session.

The children from St Mark’s C.E (A) Primary School and Etruscan Primary School thoroughly enjoyed the day and were enthusiastic about what they wanted to discuss and implement when they returned to school.

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Anti-bullying Week 2016

The week started with an assembly from the school council which focused on the main theme of Anti-bullying week.


The school council encouraged the children to think about how Anti-bullying is everyone’s responsibility. They explained the importance of being an ‘upstander’ in the battle against bullying.

Don’t be a BYstander, be an UPstander!

Throughout the week, children engaged in activities designed to raise awareness of Anti-bullying and to allow them think about their own responsibilities and empowerment to make a difference.

These activities included:

  • Whole class Anti-bullying poem written and performed by the class;
  • Reception talked about what makes a ‘super friend’;
  • KS1 and KS2 designed an Anti-bullying super hero mascot with a brief fact file about who they are and what they do;
  • KS1 designed and created the facemasks for their Anti-bullying super hero mascot;
  • KS2 created a comic strip to tell a story of their Anti-bullying super hero saving the day;
  • Members of the School Council made Friendship Cookies with members of the School Council from Etruscan Primary School.
  • Anti-bullying paper chains were made by each class with an anti-bullying message drawn or written on each link. Each class chain will be joined together to make a whole school chain and displayed around school.

The following week, each class presented their Anti-bullying poem to the whole school. These poems will be judged by the School Council and one will be selected to be the St Mark’s poem for Anti-bullying.

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Friendship Cookies

The School Council from both St Mark’s Primary School and Etruscan Primary School joined together to create friendship cookies as part of Anti-bullying week.

Children from both schools partnered up to make their cookies. Half of the ingredients was bought by Etruscan children and the other half by St Mark’s children. This was reinforcing the idea of team work. The children worked tremendously well together to create their cookies and really enjoyed tasting them at the end.

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The journey so far…


The school council was re-launched in September 2015. Two representatives were elected from each class from Year 1 to Year 6. Council representatives have a Meeting Book to record minutes from the council meetings and take notes during discussions with their class.

They decided that they wanted to raise awareness and celebrate Anti-bullying within our school. The School Council generated ideas of activities that could be completed during the whole school Anti-bullying week. They then shared their ideas with their classes.

After completing the Anti-bullying week, children (KS2) and all parents were asked to complete a questionnaire regarding bullying within our school. We used the results of the questionnaire to identify if, when and where bullying was taking place at St Mark’s. The findings were presented to classes and discussed.

After discussing the findings within classes the School Council representatives identified that children needed to look carefully at the playground during break-time and lunchtime. From this, they decided that they wanted to further develop the playground area to ensure that all children are engaged in positive activities during this time and therefore reducing any opportunities for bullying. They also requested that more staff were available on the playground during these times.

School Council representatives met with their classes to devise a list of activities that they would like to see on the playground. They then discussed these at their next school council meeting. They came up with several ideas as to how the playground could be organised or zoned and created a list of activities and resources that would need to be purchased.  It was also arranged that the inclusion team carry out a playground duty to increase the number of staff on the playground.

Once the resources arrived, members of the school council wrote to the lunchtime supervisors, inviting them to attend a meeting to discuss our new plans.

The school councillors explained their ideas and how they needed the help of the lunchtime supervisors.

The school council then devised a time table of activities, identifying which ones needed to be adult lead, playground leader lead and independent. Since developing the playground provision, we have seen huge reduction in the number of injuries and incidence of negative behaviour.

An area that had also been brought up during council meetings was the choice of school dinners. When City Catering offered a choice in the lunchtime menu, the school council took the opportunity to ensure that everybody had a say in the meal choices that were available. School council representative presented their classes with the menu choices, which the class then had to vote on. The most popular choices were then put forward to City Catering to develop the menu.

In order to improve our school further and share ideas and best practice, the school council met with Seven Stars Network in the summer term. This consisted of school council representatives from other schools within the network. We were able to share the changes that we had made here at St Mark’s and discuss what we could do to improve further.

We met again with the Seven Stars in the autumn term to discuss and share ideas on how we will deliver anti-bullying week for 2016.

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