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Academic Year 2018/2019:

Academic Year 2017/2018:

Academic Year 2018/2019

Father’s Day Morning at Nursery

Thank you to all of the dads, grandads and uncles who joined us for our special pirate themed Father’s Day morning at nursery. The children had a wonderful time making pirate hats, treasure chests, pirate flags and “X” marks the spot biscuits! We hope everybody had a wonderful morning at nursery and a lovely Father’s Day!

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Nursery Visit Trentham Gardens

On Thursday 20th June, the nursery children dodged the rain showers and had lots of fun at Trentham Gardens.
The children spent the morning looking for the different fairies and then had a magical pirate boat ride on the lake.
In the afternoon the children had lots of fun in the garden maze and the pirate themed play area where they all really enjoyed singing row row your boat on the large swing.

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Nursery Visit the National Adventure Farm

On the 1st May, the nursery went to the National Adventure Farm in Burton-upon-Trent. We had a wonderful day and the children got the change to feed, hold and touch the animals. They went on a tractor and had time to bounce on the big bouncy pillows. A wonderful day was had by all – well done everyone.

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Academic Year 2017/2018

Our Visit to Hanley Park

On Monday, May 13th, the children had a fantastic afternoon at Hanley Park. They couldn’t believe how many flowers there were in the park and they were all able to talk about how things grow and change in the summer. They found lots of new flowers had started to grow in the park and all had a wonderful time finding daisies and making daisy chains! The children also enjoyed looking at the animals that live in the park and were very excited about seeing the ducklings!

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The Children Learn About Milk

Last week the children found out about how we can use cow’s milk. On Tuesday, the children cut some strawberries and bananas and made some healthy fruit milk shakes. On Wednesday, the children found out that butter and cheese are also made with milk! The children then made their own cheese sandwich. On Friday, the children were very excited to find out that ice cream is also made with milk. On Friday afternoon, all of the children enjoyed an ice cream cornet! We had a very busy and yummy week at Thomas Boughey Nursery!

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Our Visit to the National Adventure Farm

On Tuesday May 1st, we had a fantastic day at the National Adventure Farm. Whilst at the farm we saw lots of different animals and we were able to hold and feed some too. We also found out about where the animals live on the farm and what they like to eat. After our dinner, we went on a tractor and trailer ride around the farm and we had to try and spot the farmer’s scarecrows and other farm animals. After our tractor trailer ride we then visited the large outdoor adventure park. We were so excited to crawl, jump and bounce on the large inflatable pillow! We had a truly magical day – many thanks to all of the parents who kindly supported us on this trip!


Watch our video to see the children having fun on the tractor and trailer ride:


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Hanley Library Visits School

On Monday 30th April, the children had a visit from Hanley Library. The children were all really excited to receive their BookTime packs and their free book. During the visit, the children listened to a very interactive story and enjoyed joining in with all of the actions! Thank you to all of the parents who attended the library afternoon we had a fantastic time!

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Making Bread

The children have already been very busy this week at school! They have been listening to the story “The Little Red Hen” and have been using a story map to retell the story in their own words.

On Monday, the children helped Mrs Bradbury and Mrs Ahmed mix the ingredients that were needed to make the bread and then they practised kneading the dough. The children were amazed to see the dough mixture rise, change and grow really big! In the afternoon we ate our bread rolls – they were delicious!

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Our Trip to Peak Wildlife Park

On Wednesday 31st January we visited Peak Wildlife Park. During the visit, the children watched the penguins and meerkats being fed, walked with wallabies and lemurs and said hello to a zebra. The children also found the billy goats… but thankfully no scary troll! The children enjoyed finding out about what the animals eat, where they sleep and how they look after their babies. Later on in the afternoon, the children enjoyed exploring the wild animal soft play area. Whilst here, the children enjoyed climbing and moving in different ways. We had such a magical day!

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Forest School Fun at Thomas Boughey Nursery School

In the last week of January, the children worked with the manager from the private day kindergarten in the outdoor area. The children watched her light a fire and listened to her talk about the importance of staying safe when working close to a fire. The children then enjoyed roasting marshmallows on the open fire and eating them. Some children used the iPad’s to take photographs.

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“The Tiger Who Came to Tea” Tea Party!

The children had a very big surprise when a tiger came to visit them on Monday 8th January. The children couldn’t believe that the tiger ate crisps for breakfast and decided that we needed to make him some healthy food. The children then all made a healthy fruit kebab. The children pushed the fruit onto the kebab sticks and tried to create their own repeated pattern. The following week, we decided to have our own tiger tea party and the children wrote an invitation to their own teddies. On Wednesday 17th January we had our very own “Tiger who came to tea” party at the nursery. On the day, the children made their own sandwiches and brought in their teddies from home. The children were very excited to see the tiger again but were all very shocked when the tiger ate ALL of the sandwiches!

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Retelling The Three Billy Goats Gruff with Sound Pots

In December, the children listened to the story “The Three Billy Goats Gruff”. During a Sound Pots music session the children used the wooden claves to make a bridge. They then used the wooden claves to make clip clop noises as the Billy Goats trip trapped over the bridge. The children were able to retell this story using music. We had so much fun!

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The Children Visit St Jude’s Residential Home

In December the children visited St Jude’s residential home and sang some Christmas songs to the residents. During the visit, the children found out that it is where Grandad Alan lives. Grandad Alan visits the nursery every Wednesday and reads a selection of stories to the children. This visit enabled the children a chance to see where Grandad Alan lives and ask him lots of questions about who he lives with and where he eats his breakfast, dinner and tea.

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The Children Make a Troll!

The children all listened to the story “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” and decided to use different boxes and milk cartons to make a troll. The children explored mixing the different coloured paints and watching a new colour appear and then used different materials to decorate it. Some children, decided to use green playdough to make a troll. They then stuck eyes on and different objects to make their troll look even scarier.

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The Children Post Letters to Goldilocks

The children came to Nursery last Monday and were very surprised to have found out that Goldilocks had sat on Miss Fullwood’s special helper chair. They couldn’t believe that she had broken her chair! The children wrote Goldilocks a letter telling her how upset, cross and angry they were. The next day, the children took their letters to the post box and posted them to Goldilocks.

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A Visit From Take A Hint Theatre Company

On Wednesday 22nd November, Take a Hint theatre company visited Thomas Boughey Nursery School. They acted out the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Billy Goats Gruff. The children loved watching and listening to the stories and were all able to join in with the stories.

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The Three Billy Goats Gruff

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100% Attendance for Week Starting October 9th!

All of these children had 100% attendance for the week beginning 9th October, 2017. Well done to everybody – we are all very proud of you!

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PJ Day Launches The New Thomas Boughey Library!

On Friday 13th October the children and staff came to school dressed in their pyjamas. This was to celebrate the launch of Thomas Boughey library. Every Friday, the children will be able to visit the library with their key worker and they will be able to change their library books. During their time in the library the children will spend time talking to their friends about their new library book. We had such a great day in our pyjamas! We all enjoyed eating a biscuit and drinking a cup of milk and pretending that we were having a bedtime story.

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Parents’ Reading Workshop

Many thanks to everybody who attended the reading workshop on Wednesday 11th October. If you were not able to attend the reading workshop but would like to find out more information about how you can support your child at home with reading then please speak to Mrs Bradbury. Details of our next parent’s workshop will be sent out after half term.

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Owl Babies

The children have enjoyed listening to the story “Owl Babies”. Whilst at school, they have been retelling the story in their own words using the story book, soft toys and masks. The children have also been working with Miss Witton at the creative area and have been making some beautiful clay owls. Some of the clay owls are now on display in the classroom. Please come and have a look at all of the children’s wonderful creations.

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Gingerbread Man Spotted at Thomas Boughey Nursery School!

What a fantastic first day back we had at Nursery. This morning, the Gingerbread Man was spotted on our playground. He then came into the nursery school and said hello and waved to everybody. He then ran around our outside area and we couldn’t catch him! We then went on a walk around Shelton to see if we could find him. We looked everywhere but he was just too quick for us. On our walk, we went into Wrights bakery and bought our own Gingerbread Man. When we got back to the Nursery, we had a rest and ate our Gingerbread Men biscuits. They were very yummy!

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Working Together in Our Outdoor Builders Yard

We have all been working very hard in our outdoor builder’s yard. This week, the Gingerbread Man ran off and we decided that we needed to catch him. Working together, we used the bricks and the tools and we made a trap for him.

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Fabulous First Week Fun at Thomas Boughey Nursery School!

We have had a fabulous fun first week at Thomas Boughey Nursery School! During our first week at school we have been exploring our new indoor role play areas, reading books, mark making and counting. Outside, we have been playing in the sand and water and have been learning how to climb over our new climbing frame. The children have all settled really well. Well done everybody! We can’t wait for week two…

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