We are part of Stoke Reads!

Stoke Reads is a group of teachers, librarians and educational professionals from across the city who are dedicated in inspiring and motivating children and parents to read.  As part of this we want our children to enjoy and read a wide variety of books.

A challenge was set…

The children took part in deciding which books are a MUST READ before they leave primary school.  The teachers campaigned which books they thought should make the list and then the children had to vote which they thought were the best. The winners from our school vote will be added to a list of other schools results from across the city.  From these votes a list of 100 books that children must read before they leave primary school will be created.

At St Mark’s Primary we had lots of fun listening to the stories and had the opportunity to vote using real polling booths!  The winning books at St Mark’s were as follows:-

  • Monsters Love Underpants by Claire Freedman
  • Don’t Read This Book by Jill Lewis
  • Narnia: The Full Colour Collector’s Edition by C S Lewis
  • Land of Stories by Chris Colfer

The list of 100 books will be released on the 4th March 2016, World Book Day, and the challenge to read them all will begin.  Look out in your local library for more information.

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