Parental Safety Net – Keeping Children Safe Online Live Webinar

Following growing concerns from parents and teachers around what children are accessing online and the issues it is causing, we welcome you to attend our Parental Safety Net – keeping children safe online live webinar. The session will be delivered on Wednesday 26th January at 5.30pm. You will be able to access the session using either a laptop or mobile phone.

We will be sharing content with you that, as a parent, you need to know and, although shocking, the real hidden danger’s your child can face when they are using the internet, social media and playing online gaming.

Please go to to watch a short video and register to confirm your attendance. We will then provide your child with a Safety Net book to take home so it arrives for you ahead of the session and will help you to protect them.

You will also find this information on our school website

We only have 50 places available for the webinar and these will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

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