The Seven Stars Collaborative Network

‘We will grow great together by establishing and deepening an inspirational, self-improving network of primary schools. We welcome constructive support and appropriate challenge to improve outcomes and opportunities for all.’


We are a group of headteachers and Heads of School from 7 primary schools, each with different a catchment area and different challenges. Six of the schools are in the city and one is in Staffordshire. Two of the schools are part of a hard federation. The heads from the seven schools have worked together for some years before coming together as ‘The Seven Stars Collaborative Network’ and working together with University of Worcester.

We have engaged in different activities including:

  • Moderation activities in English and Mathematics
  • Termly subject leaders meetings to enhance teaching & learning
  • NQT support network
  • Joint governor training, including ‘The key role of the Governor’ and ‘PREVENT’
  • Joint leadership training for all teachers through work with Worcester University
  • Exemplification materials produced for EYFS
  • Joint commissioning of services, for example ‘BeeActive’ for sports provision
  • ‘Critical friend’ visits by Headteachers and senior leaders
  • Good practice visits

Our future plans include:

  • Joint School Council working
  • Heads & senior leaders to attend SASCAL Headteacher’s Conference
  • To arrange & deliver a joint gifted & talented Science group
  • Inter-school sports events
  • Joint INSET in Summer term 2017.

The Seven Stars Collaborative Network is:

abbeyhulton  Abbey Hulton Primary School
carmountside  Carmountside Primary Academy
images  Etruscan Primary School
03h1n_3 Forest Park Primary School 
Oakhill Primary School
 St. Mark’s CE Primary School
images-2 Werrington Primary School 

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