Year 6

Academic Year 2023/2024

Year 6 Visit St. Mark’s Church

Year 6 visited St. Mark’s Church to experience an art exhibition and also be curators themselves! Under the guidance of local organisation Stoke-on-Clay, children from 6J learned about the history of the church and then had an opportunity to see examples of work from local ceramic artists as well as the incredible altar piece by master ceramicist, George Tinworth from 1890! As an added bonus, the children then curated their own mini exhibition, thinking carefully how they would select and arrange their artworks.


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Year 6 Knife Crime Workshop

On Tuesday 12th November, pupils in Year 6 completed a knife crime workshop with PCSO Washington from Staffordshire Police. The children who took part in the workshop learned about the dangers of knives and how situations can lead to knives being used to harm others. This was an extremely informative session and really does support our children in being safe when out of school.


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Year 6 Create Musical Soundscapes Based on Water

As part of their investigation into the topic: Will You Ever See The Water You Drink Again? Year 6 created musical sound-scapes based on the water cycle. Each group where given a specific part (evaporation, condensation, wind, precipitation), which they then  re-created with a variety of instruments. Children notated their compositions using graphic scores as well as adding appropriate musical vocabulary. Finally, the groups performed for the rest of the class to create one continuous piece of music.

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Year 6 Learn Music Notation

Year 6 have spent their recent sessions with Mr Anderson learning about musical notation. We have learned the notation for a variety of notes including crotchets, quavers and rests, working together using percussion instruments to perform ostinatos. We then listened to a short piece of music, writing down the correct notation by ear onto the stave.


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Will You Ever See The Water You Drink Again?

As part of our Geography Topic, ‘Will You Ever See The Water You Drink Again?’, Year 6 enjoyed a visit from Severn Trent Water. We found out about how water is cleaned and prepared before it reaches us and attempted to clean some ‘sewer soup’ that we had created. It was a thoroughly enjoyable visit and we learned a lot about the importance of looking after our water.


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Academic Year 2022/2023

Standon Bowers

Year 6 have had a fantastic time at Standon Bowers for their residential trip. They started their morning by building their own tents and then over the next three days they took part in lots of different activities including: BMX biking, caving, high ropes and bridge building. Year 6 enjoyed singing around the camp fire and toasting marshmallows too! The children showed great determination and perseverance throughout and definitely had lots of fun!


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Year 6 Create an Everest Rescue Vehicle

For Design and Technology week, during the 1st half of the spring term, Year 6 had a fantastic time creating an Everest Rescue Vehicle. Over the week, the children worked together to create a chassis and axle for the base of their vehicle, added a motor and electrical circuits to allow the car to move. Finally, they measured and designed a net to form the body of the vehicle. All of the children worked so well together in their groups, solving problems that arose along the way! They should be really proud of their achievements!


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Year 6 Visit The Library

On the 9th and 10th January, Year 6 visited Hanley Library. During our visits, we picked three books at random out of a bag and read the title and blurb of each. We then voted to see which book most children would like to read as a whole class. After that, we had time to browse the books in the library and sit somewhere quiet to read one. Both classes had a great morning and are looking forward to visiting the library again.


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Year 6 Make Woolton Pies

Last week, Y6 completed their first DT project. Over the week the children researched, designed and made their own Woolton Pie based on food that was eaten during WW2. They had to make the pastry using flour, butter and water and prepared their vegetables to put into their pie. The children used a variety of seasonal vegetables including: potatoes, swede, cauliflower, leeks and even brussel sprouts! Once they were cooked, all the children got to taste their pies and evaluated the success. We had a fantastic week and learnt some essential new skills!


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Year 6 Experience Life During World War II

On Monday 28th November, Year 6 were visited by Private Samuel Barter and taken on a journey through time to WW2 where they experienced first-hand stories to gain an understanding of life during the war time. Children participated and took part in the acting out of different activities including a pretend air raid. Year 6 had a great morning!


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Severn Trent Visit – Thursday 13th October, 2022

As part of our Geography topic – Will you ever see the water you drink again? – the children in Year 6 had a visit from Severn Trent Water. The children took part in a workshop exploring how we clean water. They created some pretend sewage and worked together to clean the dirty water. Each group had to use a variety of methods to filter the water. We all had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed the workshop but we definitely didn’t drink any of our filtered water.


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