Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery)

Academic Year 2023/2024

Nursery Learn About Mosques and Churches

In RE, the nursery children have been learning about Mosques and Churches and why they are important places to visit and worship at. The children enjoyed a visit to Park Church in Shelton and Beresford Street Mosque where they were able to find out about the different religions and events.


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Nursery Learn About How a Vet Cares for Animals

This half term, the nursery children have been finding out about wild animals, where they live and how we can care for them. In the classroom, the children have been learning about the role of a vet and how a vet cares for the animals.


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Nursery Visit Hanley Park

As part of our history topic, the nursery children visited Hanley Park. The children have been learning about where they live and how Shelton has changed over the years.

At school, the children spent time looking at pictures of the local area from the past and comparing them to the present. On Thursday 29th February, the children visited Hanley Park to look at the lake, the boathouse, the band stand and the pavilion.

At the bandstand, the children played musical instruments and sang songs to their friends and families and thought about how the bandstand would have been used in the past.

We had a fantastic time visiting the local park and looking at different historical landmarks.


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Nursery Learn About Special Religious Stories

This half term, the Nursery children have been learning about special religious stories and have been talking about why they are special. The children spent time carefully looking at the Bible and the Quran and have talked about why the books have to be handled carefully and treated with respect. Each week, the Nursery children have spent time looking at different stories from the Bible and the Quran and have enjoyed listening to the stories The Good Samaritan, Noah’s Ark, The Boy Who Threw Stones and Jesus and the Ten Lepers.


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The Tiger Who Came to Tea at Nursery!

We have had a fantastic last week at Nursery! On Monday, the Nursery children received a special letter from the Tiger who told them that we were going to be having a special Tiger Who Came to Tea party at nursery. We wrote a reply letter to the Tiger telling him that we were really excited about having a party at the Nursery. On Wednesday, we came to nursery in our party clothes and made jam sandwiches. At the party, the Tiger visited us and we had to tell him that he couldn’t eat all of the cake! On Friday, we had our faces painted like the Tiger.


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Nursery Children Have Fun in the Snow!

The nursery children had a great time exploring the snow and ice. We discovered that we can make footprints patterns in the snow and we had lots of fun making snow castles using the buckets and spades!


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Nursery Receive Hands-on Learning About Insects

The nursery children had a visit from Carrie at Rent-a-Beast. As part of the visit, the children learnt that some of the insects lived in the same countries as the elephants and lions and some of the insects liked to crawl on these animals too.

The children were all really brave and all had a hold and feel of the insects.


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Ding Dong… Who’s at the door?

What a surprise we had when the Tiger came to visit us at Nursery! We couldn’t believe it!

The tiger came to say hello but whilst visiting he told us that he was very hungry! He ate the food from our nursery fridge and cupboards, he drank the milk and even drank all of the water out of the tap!

On that day, we made our own tiger masks using felt and paper plates and we made tiger patterns using playdough.


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Nursery Christmas Singing Concert

On Thursday 22nd December all of the Nursery children took part in the Nursery Christmas singing concert. The children were outstanding and sang and performed exceptionally well for their families.

This was the first performance that the children had taken part in and they were all amazing! Well done Nursery!


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Nursery Design Their Own Christmas Decorations

As part of our DT work, the Nursery children designed and made their own Christmas decorations. First, the children mixed the ingredients and made the salt dough and then they rolled out the dough and chose a shape cutter. Once the decorations were baked the children decorated them with glue and glitter.


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Nursery Learn About The Gingerbread Man

The Nursery children have been listening to the story, The Gingerbread Man and over the last two weeks they have made their own Gingerbread Man biscuit; used a story map to retell the story and have used different coloured paints and brushes to make their own Gingerbread Man painting.

On Tuesday 5th December, the children were shocked to find that a Gingerbread Man had been in our classroom and had run out of the classroom door. We went on a Gingerbread Man hunt around Shelton and found lots of Gingerbread Man biscuits hiding in Wrights Pies! We decided to buy them before they could run away again!

On Friday 8th December, the Gingerbread Man visited us in Nursery and told us that he had been running away from the sneaky fox!


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Nursery Children Make Gingerbread Men

During our DT week, the nursery children made their own Gingerbread Man biscuits. We mixed, rolled and cut out our own gingerbread man and Miss Vanessa kindly put the biscuits into the oven.

We then talked about healthy and unhealthy foods and decorated our gingerbread men with blueberries, raspberries, raisins and chocolate drops.


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Academic Year 2022/2023

The New Vic Theatre Group

This year, the nursery children have been very fortunate to work with The New Vic Theatre group every week. The children have joined in with drama and music activities. Through these activities, the children have continued to developed their listening and attention skills and their ability to communicate their ideas in English.


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A Special Treat from the Ice Cream Van!

On Wednesday 12th July, the children had a very special treat from the ice cream van. This half term, the children have been learning about summer and what you can do when it is hot! We learnt that in hot weather an ice cream can help to cool you down! It was very yummy!


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Sports Day!

The Nursery children all took part in their own Sports Day. The children enjoyed joining in with the different events and all showed great team work. The parents and younger siblings also joined in with races too. We had a fantastic time.


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Nursery Celebrate the King’s Coronation

On Friday 5th May, St Mark’s Nursery children came to school dressed in red, white and blue clothes and joined in with the King’s Coronation celebrations. The children had a special breakfast and dinner in our Great Britain themed dining room. We had a great day celebrating our King!


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Nursery Visit The The National Adventure Farm

On Tuesday 25th April, the nursery children had a fantastic time at The National Adventure Farm. At the farm, the children enjoyed jumping and bouncing on large inflatable pillows and travelling around the farm on a tractor and trailer ride. Whilst on the tractor ride, the children enjoyed looking for the animals in the fields. We were lucky enough to see lots of sheep, lambs, pigs, chickens, horses and even one of Santa’s reindeers! In the afternoon, the children fed the goats and the lambs and then found out where milk comes from.


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Librarian Chris Visits Nursery

Recently, the nursery children had a visit from Hanley library. During the visit, the children met Chris the librarian and enjoyed listening to the stories. At the end of the visit, Chris gave every child their own booktime bag, book and library card. Thank you to all of the parents who attended this event.


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Nursery Learn About the Art of Andy Goldsworthy

During our Art week, the nursery children have been learning about Andy Goldsworthy. The children watched a video about Andy and discovered that he only uses natural resources to make his artwork and he likes to make circular patterns. The children then used their own natural resources to make their own Andy Goldsworthy artwork.


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Nursery Learn That Noses are Very Important!

During our science week, the nursery children learnt that their noses have a very important job and they used their sense of smell to try to identify what was hiding inside a cup. The children managed to correctly smell and name a lemon, orange and chocolate correctly. However, they needed to use their noses and eyes to identify an onion.


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Nursery Learn About the Easter Story

This week, the children at St Mark’s Nursery have been learning about the Easter story. The children have been learning about why Christians celebrate Easter and have listened to the Easter story. Throughout the week, the children have been designing and making Easter cards and worked together to make an Easter garden. They also enjoyed tasting hot cross buns and Easter eggs. On Thursday 30th March, six nursery children visited St Jude’s Residential Home and delivered an Easter garden pot and Easter egg to our good friend Allan.


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PSCO Washington and Bobie visit Nursery!

Last week, the nursery children had a visit from PSCO Washington. He told the children all about how the police can help to keep us safe and what to do in an emergency. PSCO Washington also brought ‘Bobie’ the police car too. We enjoyed seeing the flashing lights and hearing the siren!


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