Year 1

Academic Year 2023/2024

Why are our toys more fun to play with than Grandpas toys?

These are pictures from our “WOW” where we played with old and new toys to start off our History topic “Why are our toys more fun to play with than Grandpas toys?”. We all had an enjoyable and fun afternoon looking at how the toys worked.


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Design and Technology

During DT Week, Year 1 made fruit Kebabs. During the week, we tasted different fruits to see which ones we liked; investigated the class favourite fruit, which was watermelon, and discussed how we could be safe when using knives.

After designing our kebab, we had to cut each piece of fruit and slide it onto our kebab stick. This was sometimes tricky because the fruit was very slippery! Finally, we got to taste and evaluate our products – most of us thought they were extremely tasty and would love to make them again.


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Academic Year 2022/2023

Year 1 Enjoy Their Final DT Week

Year 1 enjoyed their final DT week of the year. They had read the story of the 3 Billy Goats in English and they had to make a bridge for the goats. It had to hold all three goats, be long enough to cross the stream and not groan or creak so as not to wake the troll up and make him grumpy. The children learned how make their bridges strong and how to join the different materials. They then tested their bridges to make sure that they could hold the goats for 30 seconds without collapsing.


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Year 1’s Trips & Wows!

Autumn 1

When we came into the classroom, there was an old green suitcase that had been left by someone. We decided that we should look inside to see if we could work out whose it was.

We found out that it belonged to a monkey called Malcolm and he was going on holiday to find his family. He had lots of things in there like a banana and a woolly hat as well as his favourite book – Monkey and Me which we really enjoyed reading.

During our DT Week, we made fruit kebabs for Malcolm the monkey. We enjoyed tasting the different fruits and finding which was the class favourite. We designed our own kebabs and then carefully used tools to cut the fruit. We loved tasting our own creations.

Autumn 2

Our new topic is ‘Why is the Wii more fun than Grandpa’s toys?’ and for our WOW we got to play with some old toys and some newer ones. We really enjoyed playing with the old toys even though they were less colourful than the ones that we play with today.

At the end of the topic, we made our own cup and ball toys. In the olden days they were made of wood but we used card, foil and string. We decorated them to make them look nice.

Spring 1

We made our own instruments to measure the weather. We collected data about the temperature, rainfall and wind. At the end of this topic, we became weather forecasters and wrote a forecast with weather appropriate to the season that we were given.

For our DT week this half term, we learned how to make a slider mechanism. We worked very hard to make our sliders based around our learning of seasons or our class story – Scaredy Squirrel. We enjoyed designing and making our products and we then shared them with Reception who were our target audience.

Spring 2

Last week, when we returned to school, we were shocked to find that we were transported back to the Victorian times! This term, our History question is ‘What were people like who lived in the past?’ and for our WOW we got to experience what it was like to go to a Victorian school.

We had fun using slate boards and learning to maypole dance but were shocked at how strict the teachers were!! We were particularly shocked at the behaviour of Mrs Ciucias and the punishment that she received.

Summer 1

Our WOW this half term surprised us. We walked into our classroom to see a BIG mess!! Our things were all over the place and there were tyre tracks across the tables!! We found out that it was the Naughty Bus and he had left us some clues about our Geography topic for this half term.

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Year 1 Art

During the autumn term, children in Year 1 learnt about an American artist called Alan Inman.  As part of their learning journey towards their final drawing, children experimented with different shades using pencils.

Children used their skills to draw a pencil drawing of a teddy bear.

Our spring art week focused on the work of Claude Monet.  Children explored mixing primary colours to create secondary colours.

Following on from this, children used their colour mixing skills to create different tones of blue and green.

During the planning stages, children used their colour mixing skills to choose the colours they wanted to include in their final painting.

Following on from this, children used their learnt skills to create a background for their final piece before adding detail to their painting.  We are very proud of the children, who are clearly aiming to be the future Monet’s in the art world.

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