Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception)

Academic Year 2022/2023

Reception Receive a Visit from the ‘Farm on Wheels’

This week, we had a super visit from the ‘Farm on Wheels.’ The children were all excited to see the animals that Stella had brought along in her trailer. Inside the trailer was a calf, a donkey, chicks, rabbits and a guinea pig. Peter rabbit was a particular favourite. Everybody had the chance to hold him and stroke his soft fur. Stella had also started to train the rabbits to walk on a lead and the children were able to take them for a walk on the grass. The children learnt the names of all of the animals and listened carefully to the facts which Stella shared.


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Reception Learn About Farms by Hatching Chicks!

The children in Reception have been learning about farms this half term. As part of this topic, Bernard’s Farm donated some eggs for us to try and hatch ourselves. Mrs Burton and Mrs Baggaley made sure the incubator was the right temperature and turned the eggs every morning and every night for 3 weeks and then… out came Oreo, Hobnob and Cookie. We have loved holding them and listening to them every day but now they are getting too big for the box – Hobnob has even learned to jump onto the top of the box and wants to start learning in Reception – so Sarah and Carl and going to collect them this week and take them back to their farm where they can enjoy a little more space.


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PC Washington asks Reception ‘How can the police help us?’

This week we had a visit from PC Washington, who came to help us to answer our weekly question ‘How can the police help us?’

PC Washington explained why the uniform that he wore was so important and we listened to the radio and talked about how it was used. He then described how his job helped to keep us safe in our community.

We all then had the opportunity to ask PC Washington different questions about his job, the favourite being, “Do all police officers eat doughnuts?”


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Paramedic Lindsey Visits Reception

On Tuesday 7th March, the children in Reception had a visit from Mrs Nicholls’ sister Lindsey. She works as a paramedic and came in to talk to the children about her job. Firstly, she showed us her uniform and explained how she isn’t allowed to wear any jewellery or badges as germs can stay on them and make poorly people even more poorly. She showed us the clothes that keep her safe like her helmet and hi-vis coat.

We were all really excited to see what paramedics carry in their medical bag. Lindsey showed us that she has bandages, heart monitors, splints and slings. We loved it when she tested them out on Mrs Nicholls and Mrs Burton! She also showed us different masks to help people when they are struggling to breathe.

Finally, she taught us that we should only call for an ambulance in an emergency – doctors surgeries and pharmacies are a good for minor injuries so that the paramedics are able to save people’s lives.


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