Year 4

Academic Year 2023/2024

Year 4 Art Exhibition at St. Mark’s Church

Year 4 had the fantastic opportunity last week to share their art exhibition with Year 3 and parents too. The children shared stories about their art work and the inspiration behind it and then showed their visitors around their creations. The church looked brilliant with our lit up lanterns, banners and portraits! It was a great end to our art project and we are so proud of all your hard work Year 4!


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Year 4 Visit Sudbury Hall

Year 4 visited Sudbury Hall last week to look at how museums set up exhibitions to help us when we create our own art displays. During the day, we had lots of fun playing with toys from the past, learning about how collectors create exhibitions and even learnt some things about the lives of Victorian children! The weather was on our side and we managed to eat our lunch in the sun and played on the playground. We can’t wait to use our new knowledge when creating our own art exhibitions.


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Year 4 Visit the B’Arts Workshop

Year 4 were very lucky to visit the B’Arts workshop as part of our art project. We had so much fun recording sound tracks, making giant lanterns and painting our fabric tiles! We are very excited to use all of these pieces of art as part of our exhibition later in the year.


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Year 4 Art Project

Year 4 have been taking part in an art project over the last half term linking to the past, present and future of Shelton. We have been photographers around Shelton, poets and artists – creating dioramas and portraits on acetate. We’ve even used over-head projectors to create fabric prints of our photographs. We have been having so much fun and are looking forward to the rest of our project this half term.


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History WOW!

Year 4 took part in some very exciting activities that introduced our history topic of the Ancient Greeks. We tasted Greek food, found artefacts in sand, located Greek cities on a map, tried out Olympic javelin and even did some traditional Greek dancing!! We had a fun morning and we can’t wait to learn more about the Greeks.

Science – Making teeth

To start our new science topic about the human body, we learnt all about different teeth. To help us remember the different types we made our own set of teeth and labelled them to create a diagram showing the functions of each type of tooth.


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Year 4 Visit the Park and St Mark’s Church

Year 4 recently visited the park to look at different birds in our locality. They used their classification and observational skills to identify different birds and kept a tally of how many they saw. We had lots of fun spotting birds and also a few cheeky squirrels too!

Year 4 had a very exciting opportunity to visit St Mark’s Church to see an art exhibition that they have on display and learn a bit about the restoration process of the church too. Whilst we were there, we were able to hold and look at different types of ceramic pottery and create our own small exhibition too.


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Year 4 – Geography WOW

We had a fantastic start to our Geography topic when The Unconventional Menagerie came to visit us with lots of animals that live in the rainforest. We got to touch lots of different reptiles and amphibians including huge lizards and snakes! Year 4 were very brave and touched them all!


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Academic Year 2022/2023

Knowsley Safari Park

On Tuesday 11th July, Year 4 visited Knowsley Safari Park as part of their Geography They explored the animals that live within the Savannah. The children thoroughly enjoyed getting up close to the lions, rhinoceros, giraffes, bison and buffalo, however we avoided the monkey trail. In the sealion show, the children were fascinated by Roger and Arthur’s talents. After, they participated in a Savannah workshop where they learnt about the habitat and animals. Lots of fun was had by all even though it rained heavily.


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Year 4 Get a Taste of ‘The Greeks’

Year 4 introduced their History topic ‘The Greeks’ with food and drink tasting. The children tried a variety of foods and explored why these foods were eaten by the Ancient Greeks as well as still being eaten today in countries by the Mediterranean Sea. Some of the foods they liked and some they disliked. Their favourite food was the black grapes and their least favourite was the black olives. However, the majority liked the green olives.

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Year 4 Learn About The Romans

In Year 4, our history topic for the second half of the spring term was the Romans. To introduce the Romans, the children became archaeologists. They uncovered lots of Roman artefacts hidden in the sand. The children had to guess what each artefact was using their prior knowledge to support their suggestions. One artefact they found was a metal hook type object. We explored what the item might be. One child suggested it was used to cut the crops in the fields. However, one child used the information books and found it was a strigil. A tool used to scrape dirt and sweat from their bodies. The children thought that this was very unpleasant.


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Year 4 Visit Warslow

On the 23rd and 25th January, the Year 4 children visited Warslow, a small village, in Staffordshire to compare it to Hanley. During their visit, the children were fortunate to meet members of the village who explained why they had moved to Warslow. The children explored the village and compared the houses, roads, walls and other human structures. Along the village walk, the children placed the human structures onto a blank ordinance survey map. At the Leslie Johnson Centre, the children completed a traffic survey, a sound scape and sketched some of the views that surrounded the building.


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