Physical Education (PE)

Physical Education (PE) Leader: Mr M. Jones
Physical Education (PE) Intent Statement

A high-quality P.E. curriculum is an entitlement for all children and regular physical activity is important for all children at St. Mark’s where P.E. may be their only opportunity to be introduced into the world of physical activity and sport. We know and embrace the ideas that not only does exercise improve overall health and fitness, but recognise the impact on our mental health, socialisation and global cognitive development.

At St. Mark’s, we believe that high quality physical activity, supported by a strong, child-centred, physical curriculum has the power to:

  1. Support a child’s confidence and communication,
  2. Enhance concentration, promoting chances of academic success,
  3. Inspire positivity, encourage tolerance and drive problem-solving, and
  4. Relieve stress and reduce anxiety

Through our P.E. and physical activity, it is our intention to develop to ‘Intelligent and Skilful’ children and performers in all types of physical activity.

The three different parts of physical skilfulness – co-ordination, balance and agility – underpin our key intention to promote all children in becoming accomplished physical beings. It is our focus in these three fundamental skills where the children express the desire to progress and develop into confident thinkers. This enables them to apply themselves in the broad range of physical activities made available, irrespective of their previous experience or physical capability. This way of thinking drives the decisions the teachers make within the curriculum as we promote lifelong success for all children at St. Mark’s.

We can however, only promote these benefits if the physical curriculum is skill focused in its approach and well implemented, because for many children, this is what makes attending school worthwhile.

At St. Mark’s, we recognise quality-first teaching of the physical education curriculum is necessary for all children. We promote a personal and tailored curriculum to meet the needs and abilities of all children at all stages of learning, where it is our aim to provide all children with positive learning experiences in P.E. This enables all children to make improvements to their ability and experience personal success through at all stages of the learning journey.

Physical Education (PE) Policy, Plans & Maps
File Type Subject Date Posted
Physical Education Policy Spring 2024
Physical Education Long Term Overview Spring 2024
PE Curriculum Information for Parents Spring 2024
Physical Education in EYFS Information Spring 2024
Physical Education Curriculum Map Spring 2024
Physical Education (PE) Roadmaps
File Type Subject Date Posted
Year 1 Physical Education (PE) Roadmap Spring 2024
Year 2 Physical Education (PE) Roadmap Spring 2024
Year 3 Physical Education (PE) Roadmap Spring 2024
Year 4 Physical Education (PE) Roadmap Spring 2024
Year 5 Physical Education (PE) Roadmap Spring 2024
Year 6 Physical Education (PE) Roadmap Spring 2024
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